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Timothy Burkemper Jr.

Hi, my name is Timothy Burkemper Jr. I’ve been spending my springs and summers fishing on the Table Rock Lake my whole life. My family owns a lake house in Table Rock that has been passed down from my grandparents. This lake and my father played a huge role in my lifelong passion for the outdoors. I was the little kid who stayed at the dock fishing from sun up to sun down until I was old enough to run the boat.

I always dreamed about fishing and hunting for a living as a kid but didn’t know if I could ever make that dream possible.

Then my girlfriend and I moved to Shell Knob full time to make our dreams reality. Lauren opened her clothing boutique, Ophelia Jane Boutique, a lifelong dream of hers. And I opened Shell Knob Outfitters…

This dream of mine allows me to put all the days I’ve spent in the woods and on the water to work, allows me to use all the knowledge I gained from my father, cousin, and my father’s friends, all incredible outdoorsmen. I looked up to all of them and tried to learn as much as I could from them. I’ve fished and hunted since I could walk. That’s 26 years of experience but they’ve been doing it for 40 or 50 years. I know what I know because of their experience. And I want to share that experience with YOU too!

I can guarantee you that I’ll do everything I can to make your experience a good one here on Table Rock Lake. I’m your personal professional guide in the woods or on the water. I have thousands of days of fishing and hunting under my belt and I will do my very best to make your experience a good and successful one.

Thank you for even considering my company! I look forward to meeting another friend!

Sincerely Your Guide

Timothy Burkemper Jr.


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